Criticizing has always been easier than observing oneself.

In this complex and difficult period, I asked myself several times: what would I have done differently to avoid such a heavy and extreme impact on people’s lives?

Yes, because, if on the one hand it is clear that the first objective is to preserve the health of citizens, on the other we should remember that the concept of health does not only include that of the integrity of the physical body. See the WHO definition which I don’t like to recall due to the constant taxes and changes in orientation but which at least, in the definition of health, is clear and unambiguous. “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not simply the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Well. Let us always remember this definition, let us all remember it well.

It will be useful in the following reasoning.

What is my personal anchor when I have to make important decisions especially when these involve other people and in this case we are talking about the involvement of millions and millions of citizens everywhere in the world?

In your opinion, what could be the anchor if not a system of values that is a lighthouse, a guide, a real compass to orient oneself in the darkness of the greatest difficulty? Is there anything else that could support such decisive decisions in the life of a nation? Yes, he probably won something else otherwise we wouldn’t be in this situation on a global level. I don’t want to dwell on who or what has benefited from it or lives in a guaranteed situation because I prefer to be on a higher plane of thought.

So what values should have guided the action of rulers around the world?

It is my opinion that not just one but the combination of some values in particular would have determined very different actions and therefore very different results.

If the values (in alphabetical order) of dignity, discipline, integrity, freedom, honesty, justice, transparency, truth and the consequent and connected skills such as planning/preparation had been put first and prevention, would the actions that followed have been the same? And the results?

So, let’s try to examine one value at a time by asking ourselves just some of the possible questions.


If dignity were a value put into play, art. 1 of the Constitution which states: “Italy is a democratic Republic, founded on work. Should sovereignty belong to the people, who exercise it in the forms and limits of the Constitution” should it be taken into greater consideration?

Why does the disbursement of funds not arrive or does not arrive within a time frame that respects the dignity of the person?

Why is it that while all the imposed rules are diligently observed, the other part of health (the mental/psychological one) is put in serious danger, which as we have seen is equally essential to be able to decree health itself?

How is it possible to stay healthy with anxiety, worry and constantly induced fear? This, when it is clear that fear lowers immune defenses!

Who takes into account the dignity of those who are exhausted by disappointment, by the sense of abandonment by the institutions, by anger, by resentment and, in an ever-increasing number of cases, by hunger and the absence of hope?


Disciplined, coherent, serious action is the basis of any effective action. It strengthens efforts, generates coherence and cancels the perceived sense of rampant hypocrisy, creates effectiveness and eliminates the sense of disconcerting inefficiency and finally gives a virtuous status to the actions carried out by eliminating the sense of devastating impotence.

Are we faced with serious and disciplined action?


When the desire to be at the service of the common good is authentic, it becomes natural to evaluate all the impacts of the possible choices. It is not by chance that some are considered yes and some are not. So the question is: have governments really put themselves at the service of their citizens? When the statement of many governments “no one will be left behind” is not followed by coherent behaviour, we are unfortunately faced with the absence of integrity which first generates distrust, then anger, resentment and finally can even lead to violence. And coherence? Why is there such a widespread sense of great unease about some measures that are in clear contradiction with each other?

Is main stream communication managing this emergency by helping the country recover or is it instead riding the wave of drama and unease?

Why has prevention (other than the upcoming vaccine) never been talked about in any case by any public institution in the world? Adequate prevention aimed at strengthening the immune system would protect against this and other viruses, making our social life, vital for our health, more dignified. So why is nothing officially done in this direction?


Freedom also implies respect, some would say. Absolutely yes, but respect for who or what? Is there a hierarchy? Is there a Constitution that is worth more than other derivatives/dpcm/ordinances..? We all know that the safety regulations on airplanes require that, in case of need, we first cover ourselves with an oxygen mask and then think of others, even before our own child if he or she is present next to us. Are we sure that the restrictions on freedom undertaken are at the service of the health of the individual understood as an essential whole as defined by the WHO?

Thinking that the ongoing restrictions are just small things that diminish freedom means losing sight of the big picture?

Does it mean that little by little, one step at a time, the removal of freedoms will become the new rule?

Have we forgotten history?


Have hospital facilities been adequately prepared to face the autumn?

Have the therapies already successfully tested with proven cures been shared among all healthcare workers?

Have general practitioners been adequately trained to take care of patients and therefore avoid panic, when not necessary, which instead generates an exodus towards hospitals, clogging up the wards to the detriment of those who really need them?

Are the other thousands of patients suffering from pathologies other than Covid respected in their often essential and urgent care needs?

Justice and Transparency

Are all the particularly affected categories effectively preserved, provided with safety and tranquility so that they can comply with the prohibitions with diligence but also with serenity?

Has the opinion of all those competent to do so been gathered, regardless of their belonging to one party or the other? And again, it is true that only the opinions of those who support a single thought, a decision already taken a priori, are heard and other authoritative opinions are completely ignored when not denigrated or in some, not rare cases, even subject to expulsion for expressed a different opinion? Why isn’t it officially communicated that hospitals receive huge sums for each Covid patient they take in?

Is it right for agreements to be made with pharmaceutical companies for the training of doctors?


Are we being told the whole truth and nothing but the truth? We will never know for sure but I think it is legitimate to ask the question in the face of too many significant versions from opposing parties. The truth is one, there cannot be two and when communication affirms one, incessantly, without ever asking a question and counter-information affirms another, it would not be appropriate to stop and reflect, study and investigate and not reject a priori. Sometimes it can hurt to discover truths that we would never have wanted to believe but that pain is slowly replaced by a great relief given by the sense of freedom (from lies) that derives from it.

Oh captain my captain! How are you, where are you and above all are you aware of what you are doing? When the boat sinks the captain does everything he can to bring it to port. When the boat finds itself in the middle of a storm, its captain does not declare that he is afraid but takes courage and calms the crew, reassures them, comforts them even beyond what may seem like the worst of realities, keeps them together, he directs it with seriousness, competence and coherence, takes full responsibility for it and asks for help and collaboration, receiving a lot in return: every possible effort will certainly be made!

It certainly doesn’t terrify, it certainly doesn’t show an excess of concern. Instead he offers his side to life, to trust, to recovery, he instills energy and keeps the vibrations high. He certainly guides his ship safely into port and after he has done all he can he will disembark, to the triumph and gratitude of the entire crew.


The people are undergoing a strategy of tension which, moment after moment, increasingly tightens the screws.

A strategy that is abusing the prevailing media power and using the levers of terror and restrictions.
This is a fact, not an opinion. The boiled frog system is working perfectly.


For without the ever-burning flame of a value system to guide us out of the storm we are lost

the invitation I address to everyone is: let’s take back that system that we have inside, let’s keep it alive or give it life and let ourselves be guided only and exclusively by that. Let’s cultivate detachment, let’s not identify with the current narrative and turn off those news programs and talk shows that cause anxiety and don’t offer complete but only partial information, and let’s nourish trust within ourselves. We must always think about trust during this period, always, always, otherwise fear will take over and destroy us! We will not be able to blame someone, only we can allow someone else to scare us or, realizing that there is a big picture that we are not fully evaluating, we can choose to stay awake, free, responsible and aware, stopping playing once and for all to the role of “good children” that we often used with our parents and teachers so that they would approve and love us more.

Now it’s time to be adults responsible for all our actions, all of them, including all those that we have been carrying out every day, already in an automatic state, for months. Come on, we are in an extraordinary time, the Light is pushing harder and harder and will win.

This is an absolute certainty. The love that encompasses and strengthens everything will always win. We must not have any doubts and we must proceed straight guided by our system of values, our only salvation.