“It is better to be an optimist and be wrong than to be a pessimist and be right.”

Albert Einstein

Wishing us a wonderful 2024…

It’s enough?

But who creates this 2024?

What part do each of us have in creating this future?

What if we just need to remember it?

But how do we remember something we haven’t experienced yet?

What if we started by thanking everything that was in 2023?

Many questions just to stimulate us to reflect, a warning that I issue first of all to myself…

Let’s start from the last question: it is statistically impossible that there isn’t at least one thing to thank that happened in the year that is ending. Let us seek and we will find! We will certainly find something in the personal and professional sphere and once we have found it we will put our attention there.

Next, can we remember the future? Yes, on one condition… that we have created it within ourselves perhaps without being excessively specific but creating the state in which we want to feel, this is now almost a duty for those who have minimal self-awareness.

And again, what can be my responsibility in creating this wonderful 2023? Well if we have understood a little about quantum physics we know that before anything happens and becomes definitively manifest everything is always possible, everything can be changed in one’s favor (or against if my attitude is negative/destructive) as all possibilities pre-exist and coexist in superposed quantum states.

Therefore we have a very great responsibility, that of governing our thoughts and our internal states. We don’t want to go around, hang out with friends and colleagues and pollute the environment! Nor do we want to sleep standing up, believe the dominant thought without any hesitation, we want to be awake, present, alert!

Here, a few hours after the stroke of the fateful midnight which by convention ushers in the new year, I wish everyone to be able to imagine the best and even more of the best in every area of their lives… it will help “to anticipate reality”.

Are we capable of thanking in advance, of saying a thank you a priori, an infinite permanent thank you for everything, a thank you, period?

Here, by cultivating this ability we will help create situations that resonate with gratitude, allowing us to potentially experience more and more circumstances for which to be grateful.

Let’s all do it and create a field of intelligence, love and gratitude that is so desperately needed. It’s time to throw away the old models, enough, they are dead even if they still appear alive… the energy of the old world and the corporate one is running out to be replaced by the new energy that will revolutionize the current paradigms by collapsing the simulacra of the past.

Each of us can give a new impulse in our world and it is time for each of us to proceed without waiting for the other to go first but instead being a stimulus to the other to abandon the old patterns which do nothing but reiterate a model that is no longer sustainable which generates so much unhappiness, tiredness, sadness, disappointment…

We need new air, freshness, truth, authenticity, awareness, responsibility, integrity… we need Light!

Companies, offices, corridors, meeting rooms, courts, hospitals… desperately need it! An “army” of daring people is preparing! Hurray!

Radiant 2024 everyone!