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  • The Step

    4 November 2023

    There are days that are not just the reason for a long bridge, particular days in which it is worth pausing for a moment, that important moment of silence,...

  • Winds of War

    4 November 2023

    Where do they come from, why do they blow and what do they bring? Oh, good question, I say to myself! Every now and then we go again, as...

  • The Strength of Values

    4 November 2023

    Criticizing has always been easier than observing oneself. In this complex and difficult period, I asked myself several times: what would I have done differently to avoid such a...

  • Creators of the Future

    4 November 2023

    “It is better to be an optimist and be wrong than to be a pessimist and be right.” Albert Einstein Wishing us a wonderful 2024… It’s enough? But who...

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