About Us

Dreamers Day is an event organized by the non-profit association School For Dreamers. School For Dreamers’ commitment is aimed at raising awareness among an ever-wider audience of people in order to inspire humanity towards a responsible, sustainable and harmonious existence, freed from old divisions and antagonisms. It currently does this through high-level corporate training programs while, during Dreamers Day, it offers a wider audience the opportunity to listen to high-level speakers from all over the world. Through the telling of their real-life stories, speakers inspire, motivate and offer guidance for living a life

We are INNOVATORS of thought and we deal with DEVELOPING awareness with the aim of accelerating the progress of humanity. We do this to generate true SUSTAINABILITY in public and private companies so that they operate IN SERVICE of all stakeholders.

A large part of the planetary population, through a historical-cultural involution, has come to abandon the system of values refined through the wisdom of countless generations and has been reduced to believing only in commercial values, in economic gain. Man as we know him has been reduced to a being who no longer knows how to pay attention to himself, to his interiority. He doesn't even remember having an internal world, and has made the external world a divinity to be idolized and propitiated. His belonging to the 'sapiens' species is now only honorific.


We carry out our mission through events, seminars, coaching sessions and books.

Find out more on the website www.schoolfordreamers.com

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