Where do they come from, why do they blow and what do they bring?

Oh, good question, I say to myself! Every now and then we go again, as if we couldn’t help but wage war, sometimes on the point of foil, sometimes in a vulgar and repetitive way, other times still already moving from the violence of words to the violence of deeds.

Where do these winds come from if not from the black hole in the heart of man?

There can be no war outside if there is no war inside us. It is certainly not us who trigger the various outbreaks of war that light up on the planet but every time we accuse, every time we shift the blame onto someone else, every time we justify ourselves and complain… This is our ordinary way of fueling conflicts, adversities and prophecies of misfortune. Now we can no longer tell ourselves by placing the responsibility for what happens on the outside and it is time to gain full awareness and therefore total responsibility for everything we manifest consciously or unconsciously in our lives.

This could be good news!

Yes, in fact it is, if we become aware that our greatest task is to clean up within ourselves, clean up our being from all the rubbish that inhabits it and that generates the virus of war. It’s time to embark on this journey of knowing thyself as old as the world!

Traveling light, clean, in the light… this is the state we deserve and that only through a conscious choice can we acquire to create the better world we all dream of.

Eh, but what do I have to do with the winds of war that blow from one side of the planet to the other?

I have something to do with it, of course I have something to do with it! I am part of the human family which is one, which is one with universal energy, which is one with all the other kingdoms, animal, vegetable and mineral. How can I feel separated, helpless and/or indifferent to everything that happens if I am part of it?! Certainly each of us in conscience knows how much war we carry inside ourselves, against one or more family members, the boss, the ex-friend, the ex-husband or ex-wife, the colleague or the neighbor. … Here we start from here, from making peace within ourselves, from making peace within every relationship, from wishing good to our worst enemy, if we have one; let’s start with ourselves by putting peace in our thoughts, in our words and therefore in our actions.

Do we want to make a difference? Are we really pursuing the greater common good?

So let’s get busy, it’s no longer time to wait, it’s time to wake up, to understand that the time has come for each of us to free ourselves from the war we carry inside.

I know that many will say that they don’t feel any internal war, but when I talk about war I also mean a single wave of annoyance at this or that, at the nonsense we get irritated by day after day; there are not only the great wars, there are the subtle, latent ones, hidden even from ourselves… So come on “let’s open all the drawers, let’s open the windows…” as Benigni said when he invited us to search for happiness, and let’s give light! When we have the courage to recognize, observing with loving detachment, our daily reactions, we will have already won the battle because we will be able to correct ourselves and the resulting sense of satisfaction will lead us to victory over ourselves, will lead us to fully govern our being so that we can truly create a reality of Love and Light.

Is it difficult to accept that everyone has their own divine plan?

Oh yes, sometimes it is very difficult and for various reasons. For example, because we are used to thinking of death as an end and not as a continuum on another plane of existence. Because we don’t know how to listen to our body when it signals us symptoms that, if only we were fully connected with the spirit that inhabits it, we would know in time to treat by straightening the bar, so as not to then have to laboriously run for cover. Because when we suffer falls, accidents, defeats, we are the ones who create what follows from them, there are no equal consequences for everyone. Some wake up from a coma reborn, others go from failure to manifest success, still others simply fall because they have to learn to get back up. I now know deeply within myself that each of us has our own divine plan and, even if sometimes I still struggle to accept it when things get tough and tough, I have an unshakable faith that it is there, I know that it is there and it lies in the overall plan which can only be an infinite plan of Light and Love.

If so what can we do?

Here too, we can do many things. We could start with being grateful for everything that happens to us despite everything and regardless of everything. Grateful, deeply grateful, means feeling your heart bursting with gratitude. Only virtuous, light consequences can arise from that state.

What else can we do? While we activate the observer within us to cleanse ourselves of the ballast of useless negative emotions, we can also send Light and Love to the entire planet, to the areas where the winds of war seem to blow stronger, to the areas near or far where suffering prevails, where abuse is still at home, where pain lives in the hearts. To the hearts and minds of politicians and the halls of power of all nations, where greed, vainglory and self-interest too often live.

How you do it?

Simple! To begin with, we take three minutes of our precious time, three minutes stolen from social media, three minutes a day taken away from cultivating useless thoughts, three minutes taken away from worry.

DOSAGE AND USE: 1 minute 3 times a day. Let us close our eyes, give thanks for everything that is there and imagine the planet enveloped in light, an extraordinary, wonderful, brilliant light, the Light of God, Yahweh, Allah, Shiva…according to everyone’s beliefs, knowing however that we are talking about the same energy.

Here, this is what we should do by stopping worrying and starting to occupy ourselves, simply occupy ourselves… the day will soon come when we will all do it together and then we will unleash a power of love that will be able to transmute any situation less than perfection.

If among those reading there are some laughs accompanied by phrases or thoughts like “oh well, come on, it was that simple!”, I respond with love: “Do it! Believing it with all your being.”

And this would already be a miracle, but if we all do it, then we will move mountains.

“If you have faith like a mustard seed, you will be able to say to this mountain: Move from here to there, and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17, 14-20.

There is no holier war than to fix ourselves