There are days that are not just the reason for a long bridge, particular days in which it is worth pausing for a moment, that important moment of silence, in which we can simply close our eyes to enter the internal realms where everything is calmer.

Today he is one of those, believers and who cannot join in any case by carving out a moment to stop and perhaps do a bit of… summary. So, where are we? At what point on the journey are we but above all do we feel we are on the journey? What is the journey? It’s that step you take when you want to know more, you want to understand more, that courageous step of someone who is willing to question their logic, their beliefs and their attachments. You did it?

Well, being on a journey is like entering a new place where there are mountains (when we feel like we can’t make it, when everything seems too difficult or painful) there are plains (when we take a breath and enjoy a lighter pace) there are descents (when we feel like we’re flying), there are shadows (when we encounter tunnels from which we sometimes feel like we can’t get out) and more importantly… there is the light that is always present even if we don’t think so.

Well, today let’s ask ourselves what energy we walk around with, what energy we emanate… if we know how to do this we could almost define ourselves as “programmers”, yes “programmers” of our world.

Will I be able to create something good if I realize that my energy is anger, is it anger, is it confusion, is it envy, is it fear, is it anxiety? We are used to believing that simple things are not effective, even “too simple to be true” and instead, here now, let’s dismantle this absurd belief that things must be complex, even difficult for them to be effective and true.

In fact, if we enter the realm of simplicity we can better understand and accept that it is our energy that creates our daily reality.

If I go around carrying inside me emotions and feelings of closure (worry, alert, sadness…) limiting, vindictive… reality will correspond to me, making me encounter blocks, limits and other reasons why I feel sad, worried or vindictive.

An example above all is forgiveness. Let’s imagine for a moment that the reason that leads us not to forgive has the shape of a huge stone and also has its substance. If that were the case, would we carry it on our shoulders? Or would we instead choose to let her go? We are used to believing that it is not right to forgive those who have hurt us or others… it is time instead to reach the awareness that those who persist in not wanting to grant forgiveness to themselves or others persist in a state of unconscious victimism by continuing to suffer the weight of that stone well beyond the physiological time connected to the specific episode… while it is time to let it go, travel lighter and produce more light in us to see more light in our lives. The new world needs more light, not to drag the burdens of the past with it.

So, on this day that reminds us of the Immaculate concept… let’s let go of the burdens, let’s purify our inner world… forgiveness never takes away the individual responsibility of those who have carried out actions that have generated a wound. The responsibility always remains, and is without prescription, on the part of the person who has “offended” until observation and recognition free them from the infernal chains … to forgive it is necessary to observe with detachment and then choose freedom … the forgiveness frees and lightens the path from an unnecessary burden that prevents us from being autonomous generators of light and clean energy. It is this courage that the new world needs, it is this audacity, it is this trust… this is the Light that each of us is called to produce and the current that keeps it lit is gratitude, gratitude for all of this that there is, yes everything that shines in us and around us…bold is he who knows how to see the light everywhere and in anyone because the light is always present and victorious. Always. Let us therefore choose the eyes of light every morning, every moment. THANK YOU.