Dreamers Day
Dreamers Day

Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico

Artistic Duo

He is a robotic engineer, hacker and artist, she is a communicator and cyber-ecologist, and together they form a duo creating a new art which fuses poetics and politics, bodies and architecture, squats and revolutionary business models.


United in life and work under the brand of AOS – Art is Open Source, the duo proceeds from action to action to promote and implement a possible vision of the world in which art acts as a glue between science, politics, anthropology and economics.

This is how global performances such as Angel_F were born over the years, the first artificial intelligence to participate in the UN Internet Governance Forum to defend its rights; REFF – RomaEuropa FakeFactory, a fake cultural institution dedicated to the reinvention of reality and the creation of global critical policies; Human Ecosystems, listening to and viewing real-time life in the city as it emerges from our conversations on social networks; Ubiquitous Commons, an international research network dedicated to the creation of legal, technological and theoretical toolkits to describe the new common goods in the era of ubiquitous technologies.

Lecturers of Near Future Design at the ISIA in Florence, Salvatore Iaconesi is also TED fellow 2012, Eisenhower Fellow 2013 and Yale World Fellow 2014. Together they are authors of books, numerous publications and scientific papers, presented at major international conferences. Their works are exhibited all over the world.