Dreamers Day
Dreamers Day

Pasquale Forte


Entrepreneur, farmer, engineer, oenologist, inventor… but more than anything else Pasquale Forte is a dreamer. A down-to-earth Dreamer. A land for which he has a passion with ancient origins. The Calabrian parents owned land, vines and olive trees. Then the move of the family to Lombardy, his studies, the entrepreneurial adventure, which continues today, lead Pasquale Forte’s ambition to other goals, other satisfactions.


His dream has come true twice as an entrepreneur: the first time when, from a small garage in the suburbs near Como – where he founded ELDOR CORPORATION in 1972 – he conquered world leadership in components for pre-digital technology televisions.


The second time when, after the technological leap towards digital television, in 2003 ELDOR entered the Automotive sector: in just 10 years, through innovation and cutting-edge technologies, it managed to become a world leader in ignition systems and electronic control units, partner of the world’s leading car manufacturers, with 2,000 employees worldwide, production plants and technical-commercial offices in Italy, Germany, Turkey, China, Brazil, USA and Japan. But the land and its chosen products, wine and oil, represent an irresistible attraction for him.


The farm that today takes his name has an ancient lineage. After having belonged over the centuries to the Petrucci family, a historic Sienese family, it had passed from hand to hand following the thousand tortuous divisions among the heirs. Forte was looking for a farm to make a dream come true. The vinyeard,  an owner to bring it back to its ancient splendor. And it was immediately a great project: redeveloping those lands to produce a divine wine.