Dreamers Day
Dreamers Day

Michele Lombardi

Cultural and Scientific Researcher

Born 66 years ago in a family of Neapolitan artists and teachers, after a first phase of chaotic studies, he arrives at legal studies aimed at working as a judge and enters the Ministry of Grace and Justice, where he simultaneously carries out trade union and political activities.


Then the radical change. He abandoned his state job to become a pilot-instructor of motorized hang gliders and founded the first officially recognized Hydro Flight School for ultralight aircraft in Ischia and the No Limits Flying Center in Pietramelara, the first European ULM No Limits – Sector flight center. Become a member of the No Limits-Sector team together with world champions Patrick de Gayardon and Angelo d’Arrigo.


Then, a sudden interest in the aerodynamics of Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machines produced another radical turning point in his life and thus began his activity as a cultural and scientific researcher.After careful and passionate studies on Leonardo’s technical projects, he built new models that arise from their different interpretation and from the intuition of the existence of a rich and still unknown Leonardo undergrowth. He exhibits his models in Italy and abroad.


He founded and directs two permanent museums of Leonardo’s machines in Florence and San Gimignano and collaborates with Carlo Pedretti, the world’s leading expert on Leonardo da Vinci. He participates in various television broadcasts and many newspapers write about him. 10 years president of the cultural association C.E.A. (Cultural Exhibit Activities), born for cultural and scientific research and the management of results, now works as a researcher, lecturer and of course a writer.


He is the author of Leonardo da Vinci’s Journey through the Mysteries. This book is part of a trilogy that also includes L’eonardo – the Map of Maps and L’eonardo – Fiat Lux.