Dreamers Day
Dreamers Day

Mario Dal Mare


Mario Lamberti, now Mario Dal Mare, 33, originally from Teramo, graduated in Rome in Banking Sciences and specialized in Poetic Economics, an innovative science that combines classical studies of economics and sociology with avant-garde artistic experiments. Economist, poet, painter and performer, extravagant and eclectic, he is an Aldilist profusor of eusophy (knowledge as a common good). From 2007 to 2009 he collaborated with Art Galleries in various Italian and European cities.


In 2009, after the earthquake in Abruzzo, he returned to his region of origin, where he began a journey between humanity, art and nature and became part of the Italian Network of Ecological Villages (RIVE).


From 2012 to 2013 he went to live in Campania, then returned to Abruzzo, where he opened the first post-contemporary art studio. With the creation of the Pro-Opera TerrAmo, he promotes the “Italika and “Barca del Tempo” projects on the Italian territory which mark the cultural transition to the Renaissance.


His artistic-literary production is collected in self-produced publications of thoughts, poems, paintings and photographs such as Collected from a bunch of sun (2002), Accade (2005) Listened to the sea (2008), Botanica Visionaria (2013). His paintings have been exhibited in Teramo, Rome, Naples and in eco-villages throughout Italy. His performances seen in Basel, Berlin and Paris. Mario Dal Mare accompanies his exhibitions with poetic performances and a new language rich in neologisms and symbolic gestures