Dreamers Day
Dreamers Day

Fabrizio Macchi

Paralimpic Athlete

Born in Varese on July 26, 1970. In 1982, Fabrizio is a child like many others, who lives his childhood in Varese, all absorbed in games, friends and running in the open air. Until, at thirteen, a knee starts to hurt. It is not a blow, as doctors initially think, but a bone tumor, which leads Fabrizio to an exhausting hospital ordeal, marked by 17 surgeries and 20 chemotherapy cycles. Unspeakable suffering and pain. And useless. Because in the end the tumor is always there. Until Fabrizio, at sixteen, chooses to have his leg amputated, to stop suffering and go free.


New life at the beginning is not easy. The handicap, the prejudices, the difficulties. They all seem insurmountable obstacles. Until Fabrizio makes a heroic decision: to have the best, you need to aim for the best. Don’t settle for a normal life, but live an extraordinary life. After three years, Fabrizio has realized his dream: to become a champion in sport with medals and triumphs in various disciplines. Today, married to Patrizia and father of Thomas and Mattia, he dreams of the Rio 2016 Olympics.


To date Fabrizio Macchi has won twelve world medals, two of which gold, an Olympic bronze in Athens 2004, four European medals and twenty nine Italian championships. He is one of the best known Paralympic athletes in the world. Always active for the defense of the rights of the disabled, always testimonial of AISOS (Italian association Studio Osteosarcoma), he is also ambassador of AIRC (Italian association for cancer research) and supporter of Research against Cystic Fibrosis.