Dreamers Day
Dreamers Day

Dreamers Day 2018 Edition

The fourth edition of Dreamers Day was held on November, 18th 2018 at the Dal Verme Theatre in Milan.


Francesca Del Nero, founder of School for Dreamers and host of the event, was joined for the second year by the journalist Andrea Bertuzzi, accompanied by his dog Artù.


After the approval received in the previous edition, Artù came back in the role of dog-journalist, supporting his master in the interviews to some of the speakers. The unusual couple gave life this new form of pet journalism, the “ArTUperTU” interviews, in the belief that the presence of a dog can stimulate the sensitivity and emotions of the two interlocutors, allowing them to open up more for the benefit of the public.


Here you can find the speakers of the fourth edition of Dreamers Day
Dreamers Day
ABA | Chiara Gallana
Singer and Entrepeneur
Chiara Gallana, known on stage as ABA, is not just one of…
Dreamers Day
Alex Ricchebuono
Financial Investments Expert
Alex Ricchebuono has 22 years of experience in the Asset Management sector…
Dreamers Day
Andrea Roberto Bifulco
Entrepreneur and consultant
He began his career at Google, then became Vodafone's Marketing Manger. In…
Dreamers Day
Don Mazzi
Founder Exodus Group
He was born in Verona in 1929 and it was at the…
Dreamers Day
Emanuele Anchisi
Entrepreneur and founder of Scuderia 1918
Emanuele Anchisi is an entrepreneur and founder of Scuderia 1918. During Dreamers…
Dreamers Day
Enrico Dini
Enrico Dini is a Tuscan engineer who for almost fifteen years has…
Dreamers Day
Francesca Corrado
Founder of School of Failure
Francesca is the creator of the first School of Failure, whose goal…
Dreamers Day
Giampaolo Grossi
Giampaolo Grossi is the General Manager of Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Via…
Dreamers Day
Ivan Tallarico
Ivan Tallarico is the founder and CEO of Hi-Interiors, a furnitech startup…
Dreamers Day
Joshua Coombes
Barber and Social Activist for the Homeless
Joshua Coombes, 30, is an English barber and founder of #DoSomethingForNothing -…
Dreamers Day
Lucia Dell’Aquila & Luca Taverna
Lucia Dell’Aquila and Luca Taverna are the founders of International Experiential School,…
Dreamers Day
Nicolò Govoni
Founder of Schools for Refugees
“Celebrating life is making the best use of it”. This is the…
Dreamers Day
Paolo Gallo
Executive Coach
Paolo Gallo is executive coach, best-selling author, keynote speaker and storyteller, senior…
Dreamers Day
Philip A. Salem
physician, researcher, educator and international statesman in cancer medicine
Dr. Philip A. Salem, physician, researcher, educator and international statesman in cancer…
Dreamers Day
Sara Turetta
Sara was born in Vercelli in 1973 but spends the first 6…
Dreamers Day
Tiziana Mennuti
HR Director at RDS
Born in Venosa, Lucania, in 1971, married to a lawyer and happily…