Dreamers Day
Dreamers Day

Can Dreams change the world? 27 speakers take turns on the Dreamers Day’s stage to share their vision, experiences and emotions, telling how they managed to achieve their goal, believing in their abilities, in the strength of their dream beyond any reasonable doubt.


This year the focus is on: environment, social, education, business and values, science, sport, with particular attention to sustainability, inclusion and diversity.

Gli ospiti

Dreamers Day
Alessandro Sandionigi
Millennial Warrior
Class of '89, born in Milan, raised with a healthy revolutionary attitude…
Dreamers Day
Alice Siracusano
Ceo for Luz
Alice Siracusano is the proud "mother" of LUZ: the content marketing agency…
Dreamers Day
Andrea Roberto Bifulco
Entrepreneur and consultant
He began his career at Google, then became Vodafone's Marketing Manger. In…
Dreamers Day
Armando Persico
Armando Persico, lecturer in legal-economic-business matters, is included among the Top 50…
Dreamers Day
Barbara Mazzolai
Barbara Mazzolai, a biologist with a PhD in Microsystems Engineering and an…
Dreamers Day
Bruno Bella
Founder of Vibeco Group
Bruno Bella is a young and dynamic entrepreneur who has been working…
Dreamers Day
Caterina Bellandi
Taxi driver
Aunt Caterina, born Caterina Bellandi, founded the Onlus Milano25 15 years ago,…
Dreamers Day
Cristina, Junior, Andrea and Giampaolo Grossi
Starbucks Italy
To continue the conversation on corporate values ​​that began during the fourth…
Dreamers Day
Eric Ezechieli
Regenerative Entrepreneur
Eric Ezechieli, a regenerative entrepreneur, works to ensure that all human activities…
Dreamers Day
Giorgio Fabbri
Direttore d’orchestra
Dreamers Day
Guillermo Martinez
Engineer and Founder of Ayudame3D
Guillermo Martínez founded Ayudame3D.org at the age of 22 in 2017, a…
Dreamers Day
Hostage Negotiator
Jack Cambria is a retired member of the New York City Police…
Dreamers Day
Jago è un artista italiano che lavora nella scultura e nella produzione…
Dreamers Day
Lapo Elkann
Lapo Edovard Elkann è Presidente e Fondatore di Garage Italia Customs, Italia…
Dreamers Day
Maria Teresa Golfari
Dirigente scolastico
L’educazione che ha ricevuto, le persone con le quali ha camminato, le…
Dreamers Day
Marta Basso
Millennial warrior
Marta Basso è “quella che vedi sempre su Linkedin”. 26enne vicentina laureata…
Dreamers Day
Sandro Formica
Professore di Felicità e Scienza del Sé
Sandro Formica vive ogni giorno in allineamento con il proprio proposito di…
Dreamers Day
Sindiwe Magona
Autrice e attivista
Dr. Sindiwe Magona è un’autrice sudafricana laureata alla Columbia University e attualmente…
Dreamers Day
Stefano Simontacchi
President at Bonellierede
Expert in national and international taxation and an influential voice in the…
Dreamers Day
Toni Mischitelli
Country Manager Roadcube
Toni Mischitelli è country manager per l’Italia della start-app fintech greco-americana Roadcube…