Dreamers Day
Dreamers Day

Dreamers Day 2016 Edition


Below, you can find the speakers of the second edition of Dreamers Day
Dreamers Day
Pasquale Forte
Entrepreneur, farmer, engineer, oenologist, inventor… but more than anything else Pasquale Forte…
Dreamers Day
Pier Mario Biava
Doctor and Researcher
Pier Mario Biava graduated in Medicine from the University of Pavia, specializing…
Dreamers Day
Roberto Gerardi
Singer and composer
n 2008, he won the “Senza et al campus” competition, with the…
Dreamers Day
Giovanni Gastel
He is one of the best known names in Italian photography internationally.…
Dreamers Day
Vega Roze
Writer, blogger and artist, author among others, of "The Little Dreamer -…
Dreamers Day
Carola Ghezzi
Carola was born in Monza on April 25, 1980. Since she was…
Dreamers Day
Daniele Gilardoni
With his 11 world titles, Daniele Gilardoni is one of the most…
Dreamers Day
Mario Lavezzi
Born on the 8th of May 1948 in Milan, Mario Lavezzi showed…
Dreamers Day
Daniel Lumera
Director at MyDesign Foundation
He is currently the director of the MyLifeDesign Foundation and president of…
Dreamers Day
Fabiana Scarica
Top Chef
Fabiana Scarica nasce a Vico Equense l’8-10-1988 prima di 3 figli, è…
Dreamers Day
Stefano Scialpi
Mental Coach
Stefano Scialpi nasce nel 1979. Si diploma nel 1999 e diventa perito…
Dreamers Day
Simone Del Sorbo
Ci vuole coraggio, determinazione e impegno, ma gli obiettivi si possono raggiungere.…
Dreamers Day
Elena Weber
Diretto Istituto Rittmeyer
Dreamers Day
Marcia Wieder
CEO of Dream University
CEO of Dream University, California, she is an established leader of visionary…
Dreamers Day
Eric Pearl
Founder of Reconnection Healing
Dreamers Day
Angelo Petrosillo
Co-Founder at Blackshape
He holds a degree in Law from the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in…
Dreamers Day
Matteo Potenzieri
President of WBO Italcables Cooperative
Matteo Potenzieri, president of the WBO Italcables Cooperative of Caivano (Na), born…
Dreamers Day
Mirella Santamato
Writer, journalist, poet, researcher of Truth. Struck at an early age by…
Dreamers Day
Carla Santilli
President at Hadronic Press
Passionate about art, literature and photography, from a very young age she…
Dreamers Day
Ruggero Maria Santilli
Fisico Nucleare
Originario del Molise, Santilli si è laureato in fisica presso l’ Università…