A philanthropist, author, publisher, entrepreneur, art lover, influencer, researcher, home-maker, chairwoman and CEO of Awakening and Kintsugi.  As she was preparing to enhance her academic skills, her sister had a serious accident. Things changed in a blink of an eyelid. Her complete attention shifted to the immediate requirements of her sister’s recovery, as that became the priority. AlReem’s mother was often out of country in rehab centres pursuing different treatments for her injured daughter. AlReem stepped into the role of taking charge of her two younger brothers at the young age of 16, playing her mother role. In those years she was inspired to follow her dream soon to become her life’s calling.  AlReem established what is called “Awakening”, a foundation working all around the world. Being a Visionary Leader and drawing strength from her own personal experience AlReem was quick to recognize the need to provide support to many countries where resources were limited. The Foundation set out to build many schools, providing IT resources, teaching to children, giving them the best curriculum and teachers to provide the necessary education required today, as they carry on creating their future. Awakening’s vision is to support people in small businesses not just to survive, but to flourish. Countries that have received support so far are Madagascar, India, Pakistan and Seychelles. Awakening has sponsored education in orphanages, mental health facilities and special needs centres.