She is a painter and sculptor working in Pietrasanta and Carrara. She is best known for her monumental “Cloak of Conscience”, a sculpture created out of a single bloc of marble with 250 tons from the famous Cava Michelangelo in Carrara. Anna is a co-founder of the Conscience Institute which administrates her works and develops a multitude of promotional activities in order to diffuse the conscience message to the world. Anna has been showered with honors and distinctions over the course of her long career, such as the Michelangelo Award in Tuscany and the Dali and Kafka Prizes in Prague. She was made an Honorary Fellow of the National Sculpture Association of China in Beijing and she has been invited to show her works in prestigious places, such as Place Vendôme in Paris, and major museums, such as the National Museum of China in Beijing. She is also the artist with the largest number of public sculptures (70) permanently installed in outstanding  locations all over Europe and in China. More on Anna at