He is an orthopaedic surgeon with a long and international track record. He is president and founder of AIMO, the International Association of Orthomolecular Medicine. He has been Linus Pauling’s pupil, the twice Nobel Prize and inventor of Orthomolecular medicine. Prof Panfili has revisited and expanded the range of this science by melting it with different sciences and techniques including the use of stem cells. He has been the first to perform in Italy mini-invasive robotic surgery in the orthopaedic field with the Mazor system. He is also Trainer and Proctor of the Dtrax, a mini-invasive system of back cervical fusion and distraction. Founder and director of the first Italian “Mini-invasive Robotic Spine Surgery Centre” he is one of the most eminent members of Robotic Surgery at the “International Academy for Robotic Spine Surgery”. Prof Panfili, all over his thirty years of career, has been dealing with spine, posture and nutrition in close synergy, both in a surgical and manipulative way, himself being the first orthopaedic in Europe to graduate in Best Chiropractic with Prof Ted Morter, one of the best chiropractors in the world, with Prof Panfili as his best European student. He is currently a pioneer in the use of stem cells in the field of welfare, anti aging therapy and longevity, with particular reference to orthopaedics, spine and the appearance of cartilaginous damage for the prevention of degenerative diseases in hips, knees and intervertebral discs.