Dreamers Day
Dreamers Day

Dreamers Day 2017

The third edition of Dreamers Day was held on October, 8th 2017 at the Dal Verme Theatre in Milan. Andrea Bertuzzi conducted the event for the first time on stage. During the day, Francesca Del Nero previewed her first book “Io Sono Viva”. On the stage, people from different backgrounds shared the common determination to realize their dream.


Below you can find the speakers of the event:
Dreamers Day
Adolfo Panfili
Orthopedic surgeon with a very long curriculum of international standing and a…
Dreamers Day
Alreem Altenaiji
Philantropist and Entrepreneur
Philanthropist, author, editor, entrepreneur, art lover, influencer, researcher, home maker, president and…
Dreamers Day
Andrei Rosu
Endurance Athlete
He was a member of the 1990s Romanian pop group Gaz pe…
Dreamers Day
Anna Chromy
Painter and Sculptor
Anna Chromy is a painter and sculptor who works between Pietrasanta and…
Dreamers Day
Daniel Lumera
Director at MyDesign Foundation
He is currently the director of the MyLifeDesign Foundation and president of…
Dreamers Day
Diana Bancale
Travel Blogger
Travel blogger, born in Naples in 1982. She studied journalism in Parma,…
Dreamers Day
Elisabetta Dami
Creator of Geronimo Stilton
Creator of Geronimo Stilton. Eclectic woman, citizen of the world who has…
Dreamers Day
Filippo La Mantia
Internationally renowned chef who has brought the flavors of Sicily all over…
Dreamers Day
Gianni Ferrario
Corporate Jester
Known as a corporate jester ® FelicitAttore, he is a Good Mood…
Dreamers Day
Marcia Wieder
CEO of Dream University
CEO of Dream University, California, she is an established leader of visionary…
Dreamers Day
Marco Palmisano
President at Club Santa Chiara
Born in 1957, he is the President of the Santa Chiara Club,…
Dreamers Day
Mario Volanti
Founder of Radio Italia
1370/5000 Born in Messina on September 15, 1953, he founded RADIO ITALIA…
Dreamers Day
Michele Pengo
Direttore dell’Accademia Gioel per Essere
E’ attivo da oltre 30 anni nel settore della vendita diretta. Ha…
Dreamers Day
Niccolò Nardelli
He starts juggling at 10. In 2016, at the age of 19,…
Dreamers Day
Roberto Gerardi
Singer and composer
n 2008, he won the “Senza et al campus” competition, with the…
Dreamers Day
Simona Atzori
Simona Atzori is known to the general public for being an extraordinary…