18.11.18 | MILANO – Teatro Dal Verme


Dreamers Day is the event all pragmatic dreamers in Italy
and the world wait for every year. The stunning Dal Verme Theatre
in Milan will host this year the fourth edition.

Dreamers Day is an occasion for people and ideas to meet,
it’s a multicultural and multiracial celebration,

which already connected people, situations, businesses.
We’ve started from Italy because the Italian Dream
has always been winning and contagious and,
as the dreamers that came before us, we now have the task,
the moral obligation, 
the mission to remind to the whole world that
The Dream is the most powerful thing!

Once again this year the emotions coming from realising a dream will be protagonist.
Sharing, exchanging, giving the example, but also passion and love will fuel small and big dreams that are alive in the audience.
All participants will leave the Theatre with the absolute certainty they can manifest their dreams, and will do it with the right stamina to walk the path of the Dream, which follows a “technology” studied within Neuroscience.

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Live again some of the emotions from the past editions


From the 18th of October 2015, we started to hit the brick wall where Dreams stop.
Many entrepreneurs big and small, sport champions, journalists, university professors, writers, artists, singers, comedians and all those who believed in the Dreamers Day have been contributing to tear down that wall.
All connected and without any financial gain, they decided to put their energy, their awareness and their visionary intelligence at the Earth’s service.
That wall made of uncertainties and fears is tearing down bit by bit, in Italy and the rest of the world, thanks to those Dreamers who dedicate their lives to solve the problems that Humanity hasn’t been able to solve yet.
The world is waiting for that day, and it’ll be the biggest of the Dreamers Days!

Watch the video of the Dreamers Day’s official soundtrack.

Dreamers Song

Guarda il video della colonna sonora
ufficiale del Dreamers Day.

Roberto Gerardi – Dreamers Song

Teatro Dal Verme
Via S. Giovanni sul Muro, 2
(MM Cairoli)
Timing: 10 am / 5 pm

Teatro Dal Verme