11.11.2018 – Milano, Teatro dal Verme


Teatro Dal Verme
Milano Via S. Giovanni sul Muro, 2
MM Cairoli
from 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM



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Speakers on stage at Dreamers Day 2017

Adolfo Panfili
He is an orthopaedic surgeon with a long and international track record. He is president and founder of AIMO, the International Association of Orthomolecular Medicine. He has been Linus Pauling’s Read More
Andrea Bertuzzi
Arbiter’s deputy editor-in-chief, at the Dreamers Day will talk about a very important initiative for young people: Land For Dreamers. Land Rover, with its flagship Range Rover, in collaboration with Read More
Andrei Rosu
He was a member of the 1990s pop group Gaz pe Foc (“Gas on Fire”) that carried on working in finance after his glorious superstar days ended. After working for Read More
Diana Bancale
Travel blogger, she was born in Naples in 1982. She studied journalism in Parma, where she has been living since 2001. She always had a deep love for solitary travels Read More
Elisabetta Dami
She is an eclectic woman, a citizen of the world. Since childhood she has been breathing the smells of books and publishing houses. After finding out that she can’t have Read More
Filippo La Mantia
Internationally famous Chef who has brought Sicily’s flavours all over the world. Former black news photojournalist, he gets arrested for a miscarriage of justice and spends 8 months in Ucciardone Read More
Princess AlReem Altenaiji
A philanthropist, author, publisher, entrepreneur, art lover, influencer, researcher, home-maker, chairwoman and CEO of Awakening and Kintsugi.  As she was preparing to enhance her academic skills, her sister had a Read More
Mario Volanti
He was born in Messina on the 15 September 1953. In 1982 he founded in Milan RADIO ITALIA SOLOMUSICAITALIANA. Musician, composer and radio speaker, Volanti decides to react to the Read More
Michele Pengo
He has been operating for more than 30 years in the direct sales business. He started as a salesman, carrying out all career levels up to the role of sales Read More
Stefano Caccavari
This 29-year-old entrepreneur, already known for his initiative “Orto di Famiglia”, succeeded in saving, thanks to his love for his land, the last stone mill in Calabria. He launched a Read More
Stefano Simontacchi
He is on of the top experts in national and international taxation system. A powerful voice in the Italian financial and economic scenario. He is as well president of the Read More
Anna Chromy
She is a painter and sculptor working in Pietrasanta and Carrara. She is best known for her monumental “Cloak of Conscience”, a sculpture created out of a single bloc of Read More
Marco Palmisano
Class 1957, Marco Palmisano is president of the Santa Chiara Club, the first National Association to collect managers, entrepreneurs, journalists and freelance of different areas of the Communication world. After Read More



Gianni Ferrario
He is known as a corporate jester ® FelicitAttore, a Happiness Trainer able to catalyse and thrill people. For more than thirty years he has been practicing and teaching deep Read More
Roberto Gerardi
In 2008, he wins the competition “Without a Campus Label”, with the jury president Giulio Rapetti Mogol gaining a scholarship for the “Centro Europeo di Toscolano” (Music Education). In 2009 Read More
Simona Atzori
She is well known to the public as an extraordinary dancer and painter. She was born without the upper limbs, but she has been able to turn her disability into Read More
Simone Al Ani
Disbelief, astonishment, and finally joy. This is what the poetic show of Simone Al Ani is about. Quietness and suspension drive us into his fascinating parallel universe, which challenges gravity Read More
Niccolò Nardelli
He starts juggling at 10 years old. In 2016, at the age of 19 he participates in the TV programme “Tu sei que vales” thrilling judges and audience with his Read More


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Behind large companies in the world,
business initiatives most daring
and successful and the source of all that is beautiful,
useful and rich was created and still lives,
there is invariably a man, an individual and his dream.

Dreamers Day Purpose

Sharing, exchange, example and love feed every Dreamers Day edition, the very first event dedicated and designed for Dreamers in human history. Through the report of the artistic, human and entrepreneurial experience of exceptional testimonials, equally balanced between celebrities and new dreamers, in each conscience will sprout up the seed of certainty that anybody can find and manifest its dream, for everyone’s benefit. The laws and principles of the dream, a proper “technology” nowadays studiedby the most advanced neurosciences, are commune laws to the experience of the past, the present and the future. Finally, all pragmatic
dreamers in the world have a reference point to meet up, get to know each other, strengthen and share ideas and projects.